Your Time Budget: Tips to Spend it Wisely!

The Holiday Season is in full swing and the only thing that disappears faster than money in your bank account is the time in your day.

With holiday party invites,  end of year deadlines,  seasonal travel and shopping for gifts all piled on top of your normal daily grind, time can get tight real quick.

Don’t become a victim to the ticking clock & holiday runaround.

These 5 tips below may help you be strategic and smart about how you manage your time — especially during one of the most busy times of year:


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[INFOGRAPHIC] Holidays: Save Money, Time and Your Sanity

Game on!

With Thanksgiving upon us,  you’re no doubt already thinking about your holiday menus and gift giving strategy.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret…

Check out this savvy infographic that summarizes some cool holiday facts and tips that might help you stay calm and collected from now til New Year’s:


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Con-Vis Tips: The “Assets” Approach to Life

We all know the difference between assets & liabilities when it comes to matters involving money –or at least we should!

Even more important is properly managing the two…

However “assets” cover much more than investments, real estate, or income set up to flow your way:


Assets also include the people that you surround yourself with, and allow in your inner circle.

This could be new hires, coworkers and colleagues,  business partners,  consultants and advisors, and even mentors.

Do you currently consider the people with the potential to influence your success assets?

If not,  then take the necessary actions and make surrounding yourself with “assets” a priority today!

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