CON-VIS INC. Business Tips: A Secret to Making More Money in 2013

Time to get creative!

If you’re like most business owners, your professional New Year’s resolutions most likely focused on making more income with your products or services. Setting ambitious goals is not only a great motivator as the months go by, but clear goal setting is really vital when it comes to making important business decisions that will ultimately impact your success.

So, in order to help business owners and entrepreneurs keep their resolutions, here is one secret to making more in 2013: This year, give your clients and customers reasons to WANT to give you money.

That’s right. In 2013, one of your strategies for success will be to entice your prospects to the point where they will be wondering how and when they can get payment delivered to you as soon as possible. Imagine you are creating a demo reel/video for your company to attract customers and clients. What would be on it? What makes you immediately want to spend when you hear of a new deal or promotion? Here are a few advantages you could advertise when sharing your value as a product or service provider:

  • Your in-depth expertise and knowledge
  • The outstanding and unique service your clients experience
  • The convenience you provide: Great location, delivery service, package deals, etc.
  • One-of-a-kind products or exclusive merchandise
  • Discounts on future purchases/customer loyalty programs
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers.

Remember, when it comes to sharing your value, you can be as creative as your imagination allows. However, there is one simple catch to this approach. As someone in business, it is your responsibility to meet the expectations of your clients and customers. If you remain consistent in the way you present your value and provide your service, you will make more in 2013 while simultaneously earning an outstanding reputation as an industry leader in your immediate marketplace.


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